This laboratory has an Automation Team dedicated to software and hardware development for measurement, processing, storage of test results and the management and control of instrumentation. Originally dedicated to the automation of UL laboratories around the world, this location now provides the benefit of many years of experience in the world of testing for certification to offer services to diverse global customers.

  • Software and hardware development services (see below) for automation: The creation of custom projects for data acquisition, analysis, control and generation of reports relating to all the parameters controlled by the laboratory in its various areas of expertise.
  • Sale / rental of software and specific hardware (used in UL laboratories) for the management of UL commercial or developed tools for the EMC laboratory and calibration>
  • Renting of complete measurement systems for testing for the purpose of certification and measurement and control systems developed according to customer specifications. The rental includes maintenance and annual accredited calibration service.
  • Custom training on the management of software developed by customers for the purpose of product certification and in accordance with regulations and international standards of production and validation of software.
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Software Available

The software available in the Carugate laboratory has been developed and refined by expert engineers, adapted to meet the specific needs of the modern manufacturing industry. Click on test below to learn more about them.

CL001 Oven Validation for Ball Pressure Test: Verifies that the ball pressure test oven parameters are in tolerance according to the standard IEC 60216-4-1. This software can save weeks for oven calibration each year.

VI018 Data Logger: A multi-test platform to run independent tests with different scanning lists and times. Thanks to Client-Server architecture, it can acquire from several connected devices and allow user to remotely connect and monitor running tests.

ED009 Measure Report: This software application allows data elaboration and analysis with the possibility to generate reports.

VI009 Tracking Analyzer: VI009 Tracking Analyzer conducts Tracking tests according to IEC60112 and ASTM D-3638 standards.

ED007 Tracking analyzer Editor: Together with VI019 Tracking Analyzer, ED007 Tracking analyzer Editor can revise data and generate automatic Reports.

VI010 Profile Detector: Together with an electronic microscope, this can be used to judge multiple types of test through visual analysis. Examples: Ball pressure Test (IEC60112), measurement of insulation distances.

VI023 Event and timing Handler: This application creates automatic cycles for testing. Cycles can be set to a timeframe or based on parameters measured by other virtual instruments. This is part of UL-LAB suite.

DR003 Environmental Condition Monitor: An application which monitors and saves environmental conditions from OMEGA climatic units (temperature, humidity and pressure).

PR007 Omega History and Metrics: PR007 Omega History and Metrics: Evaluates environmental data and shows the trend of ambient temperature, humidity and pressure. It is possible to group data by days, weeks or months.

DR009 Flammable Gas Analyzer: This software has been created to carry out tests on equipment that uses flammable gas according to EN 60335-1 standard, related product standards EN 60335-2-24 and EN 60335-2-89 and UL standard UL 471.

VI019 Power Meter: The Power Meter application was designed to support a range of custom acquisition hardware types: RACK, VIHM Voltage Inter Harmonic Meter, CIHM Current Inter Harmonic Meter, 3V30 3 Channels Analog Input, 3PQA 3 Phase Power Quality Analyser. It is a multifunction instrument to measure all the parameters displayed by a traditional power meter.

VI020 Inter harmonic Analyzer: The Inter Harmonics Analyzer was designed to support a range of custom acquisition hardware types: RACK, VIHM Voltage Inter Harmonic Meter, CIHM Current Inter Harmonic Meter, 3V30 3 Channels Analog Input, 3PQA 3 Phase Power Quality Analyser. It performs harmonics and inter-harmonics analysis, as detailed in IEC 61000-4-7 standard.

VI021Power Quality Analyzer: Together with the dedicated hardware 3PQA, this software instrument analyses the quality of power supply, according to UL procedure 00-LC-P0025, 00-OP-C0036 and CTL procedure CTL-OP 110, in order to verify if laboratory supply sources meet mandatory requirements.

VI004 Sound and Vibration and ED004 Sound and Vibration Report: This virtual instrument is a double function instrument: it can acquire signals from microphones or accelerometers and carry out measure according to different standards.

GE004 Harmonics and Flicker Generator and VI026 Flickermeter: Software designed to verify the performance of the measurement system according to EN/IEC 61000-3-2 harmonics and EN/IEC 61000-3-3 flicker standards.

CL008 IEC 61000-4-13 Test Validation: Software that verifies power source and disturbance signals during the harmonic and inter-harmonic immunity test according to IEC61000-4-13.

CL005 Voltage Inter-Harmonic Meter: This is a software program that can be used with VIHM (Voltage Inter-Harmonic Meter) as a reference instrument for voltage inter-harmonics measurements.

CL005a Current Inter-Harmonic Meter: A software program that can be used with CIHM (Current Inter-Harmonic Meter) as a reference instrument for current inter-harmonics measurements.