UL’s extensive facility offers all the testing and expertise you need in one place

The UL facility in Carugate, Italy, established in 1984, has been part of UL since 2003. The 3700 square meter facility spread over two buildings offers state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team of UL specialists.

In February 2018, the UL lighting laboratory (formerly based in Burago di Molgora), was integrated into Carugate to bring comprehensive services for lighting, appliances and HVAC products, and a new laboratory for gas equipment.

These complementary services offer high-tech solutions and a highly skilled staff of engineers and technicians dedicated to the following sectors: electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), performance, calibration services and automation services.

This location is entirely focused on safety, energy efficiency and performance testing and has earned numerous accreditations including CBTL, ACCREDIA, IAS and OSHA.

Carugate is complemented by nearby locations such as the Cabiata facility, allowing this area to serve as a hub for the European market.


Lighting product categories include luminaires, street-lights, and lighting components. Alongside our suite of testing services and certification offerings, manufacturers can also test products for the innovative UL Verified Mark for Low Optical Flicker (which allows end users to make informed decisions about where a light can be used to minimize the risk of flicker issues) and the UL Verified Mark for Photometric Data (which helps optimize plant growth/health while keeping people safe)

Appliance product categories include dishwashers and all domestic appliances; commercial coffee machines and all commercial appliances of the HO.RE.CA channel; ovens and gas equipment; and heating and air conditioning equipment. The new facility dedicated to gas equipment testing can test 43 different kinds of gas and represents the most innovative element of the center and the first UL laboratory in Europe dedicated to gas equipment. Manufacturers can now have different product types tested and certified locally for the global market in one central location.


Thanks to many years of experience and continually updating our scope of accreditations, the Carugate Laboratory can now test and certify high power photovoltaic inverters, wind inverters and other types of inverters in accordance with low Voltage and EMC European Directives. We can also carry out these tests at customers’ premises. The lab is specialized and accredited for the tests required by several countries in Europe, Asia and Australia according to international, European and local standards and rules. For the connection to public networks, the laboratory can issue test reports and, if required, certificates through Demko Certification Office accredited IEC / ISO45011.


Electromagnetic compatibility tests can be conducted in Carugate for the following areas: Household appliances, lighting, medical and hi-tech equipment, laboratory instrumentation to standards covering ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) and the commercial and industrial environments .
We can issue CB reports under the IECEE scheme (EMC) and ILAC – ACCREDIA reports recognized within the European Accreditation, as well as reports needed to demonstrate compliance to European directives for CE Marking.
In 2016, the Laboratory obtained new accreditations from the FCC (CRF47 Part 15b and Part 18) for the North American market and ACCREDIA for Radio Devices (IEEE 802.11™ RLANs, Bluetooth®, Zigbee™, ant+, GSM 900/1800 MHz e SRD) working in the frequency range 9kHz-40GHz as Delta Type Approval (radiated spurious emission).


The Carugate Laboratory can issue a range of specialized test reports (some of which under ACCREDIA accreditation) including:

  • Mechanical, electrical, chemical and thermal.
  • Tests to determine the degree of water resistance(IP) or impact resistance (IK), contact resistance, corrosion and many additional conditions and requirements.
  • ‘Special’ tests required for commercial scope or public contracts. These tests are adapted to customer specifications or third part organizations (local or national government) and carried out in laboratories accredited to 17025. An accelerated life test on any type of electrical product is also available and includes a statistical analysis of the faults to calculate the average life of the products or for product optimization
  • Tests related to human exposure to vibration (hand/arm or whole body transmitted) and special tests to custom specifications requested by clients (thermal, acoustic, EMC, dimensional, safety and more).

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The Carugate Laboratory is an accredited centre for the calibration of instruments for laboratory use in safety and EMC categories, operated with the needs of UL clients in mind.

With a highly trained team of calibration specialists, a dedicated laboratory space, and state-of-the-art equipment, the Carugate Laboratory facility is the ideal location for calibration services.

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This laboratory has an Automation Team dedicated to software and hardware development for measurement, processing, storage of test results and the management and control of instrumentation. Originally dedicated to the automation of UL laboratories around the world, this location now provides the benefit of many years of experience in the world of testing for certification to offer services to diverse global customers.

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