UL-Conal Specializes in the field of food & beverage analysis, based on a multidisciplinary approach made possible by the presence of professionals with diversified skills.

Experts in this location are able to determine suitability for consumption of foodstuffs in accordance with legal requirements, as well as their actual quality level to validate the uniqueness and authenticity of the product.

UL-Conal is part of the UL family and is a national and international reference point in the field of safety and quality of food & beverage.  

We offer five industrial area of expertise within the industry:

  • Environment & Safety: We offer a wide range of analysis and services dedicated to water, asbestos, air emissions, waste and much more. We can support you with investigations, sampling and monitoring for the characterization of a contaminated area, designing for characterization plans and recoveries, completion practices for obtaining environmental permissions and safety in the working places.
  • Economical-Managerial: We support you with a broad portfolio of services such as advisory, elaboration, assistance, evaluations and assessments specifically dedicated to the Procurement & Contracts and Economical-Managerial sectors
  • Industries & Large-scale distribution
  • Hotel and Catering services
  • Training: We offer training interventions for private companies and Public institutions organizing customized seminars and conferences with experienced speakers. Technical seminars and training are dedicated to multiple sectors and fields, such as the agro-food sector, safety in the working places and environment area.

Thanks to a strong relationship with the major experts of the beer world and to an intensive research program that involves many breweries, UL-Conal promotes innovative test methods for sector of the beverage industry.

The goal of the research program of UL-Conal is the development of new solutions for the quality and safety of the whole beer supply chain.

Learn more about the UL-Conal services dedicated to supporting breweries to provide safe and responsible products.

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