UL can now conduct Performance Testing on Household Appliance products in Europe, thanks to the recent partnership with the Italian Laboratory Appliances Engineering (AE) in Gavirate, Italy.

This laboratory has been recently recognized as CBTL for UL according to the International CB Scheme operated by IECEE ( IEC System for Conformity testing and Certification of Electro technical Equipment and Components).

Categories and Standards UL can now test in accordance to the CBTL for the Energy Efficiency (E3) scope include:

  • IEC 62552 Household refrigerating appliances – Characteristics and test methods
  • IEC 60456 Clothes washing machines for household use – Methods for measuring the performance
  • IEC 60436 Electric dishwashers for household use – Methods for measuring the performance

Performance Tests that UL can deliver include:

  • Washing efficiency
  • Spinning Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Storage/Freezing durability
  • Energy label Protocols
  • Drying efficiency

For details, simply call +39 039 6410 101 or your local number or email us at info.it@ul.com.