UL Marketing Claim Verification Program launched for performance claims related to bacteria reduction in washing machines and air conditioners.

Health and safety has become a main consumer concern. More than ever, shoppers are looking for products that help keep them and their families safe. But the marketplace is filled with a barrage of choices, and it’s difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Consumers want trustworthy information that enables them to make informed product purchase choices.

UL can help manufacturers deliver informed, verifiable claims to their consumers. Our UL Verified Mark helps deliver the confidence that your brand’s marketing claim is accurate and credible. For example, lately the hot marketing buzz words include virus or bacteria in their marketing. And what consumers believe is that a sustained high temperature can kill bacteria and viruses. This has also been researched and published by the World Health Organization.

In response to industry requests, UL has created programs that verify marketing claims related to:

  • A washing machine maintaining a designated water temperature of X for a specific duration of Y minutes.
  • A washing machine reducing bacteria load by XX.XX% during a specific wash mode.*
  • An air-conditioner reducing bacterial load by XX.XX% in self-cleaning mode.

*Note that the washing machine claims are independent of the detergent used in the machine.

If you are looking to distinguish your product’s performance in the marketplace, our global network of laboratories and industry experts can help by verifying your marketing claims. Contact us to get started today or visit Verify.ul.com for more information.

Download “UL Verified Mark for Bacteria Reduction for Washing Machines and Air Conditioners