A benchmark Centre of Excellence for manufacturers and users of the lighting industry: combining safety, quality, performance and cutting edge technology

Our Burago laboratory, located in the province of Monza Brianza, is entirely dedicated to safety and energy efficiency in lighting technologies, and acts as a hub for all of Europe.

The laboratory covers an area of 3,000 square meters, with the intention to make significant contributions in the lighting industry by offering high-tech content and highly skilled staff capable of working on 360° Solid State Lighting technology, as well as all other lighting technologies.

The Burago laboratory is accredited to offer European and international programmes for energy efficiency of luminaires, including ENERGY STAR®, Natural Resources Canada and Lighting Facts ®.

UL is a Zhaga Authorized Test Center and a lead participant in developing Zhaga specifications, able to offer solutions for the interchangeability of LED light engines to comply with Zhaga standards.

The Italian Centre of Excellence provides support for the entire supply chain in the lighting industry, from the distributors of electrical material, to manufacturers, architects, designers, and even software companies.

The growing interest in increased energy efficiencies and the demand for tailored lighting products with high technological potential will require new solutions that respond to these needs while simultaneously preserving and protecting the environment and consumers at high levels of safety.  UL’s new Centre of Excellence focuses on those technologies that, like LED, serve those needs.